There will always be a guy who looks the part and says the right thing. There will always be somewhere I’ve never been and something I’ve yet to do. Life is infinite. There are infinite outcomes for each scenario, but I’m convinced that Destiny is the final decision maker. Destiny knows what it takes to get me to the finish line and God is the holder of Destiny, so it must happen the way He wills.

Relationships are gifts, but they’re heavy. To Love a person requires giving of the mind, spirit and body. Relationships require patience & time. No broken thing just magically resolved itself. It takes time and circumstance to create brokenness & the same can be expected for healing. That said… this desire I have to be married… to share my life with one man… to be fruitful and multiply… this desire is heavy. This desire is legitimate, but at the same time it feels unrealistic and inconvenient.

Man + Woman is so much easier said than done.

Crushes come and go so quickly, but relationships require sticking around. Not only must he stick around, be patient, open & loving, but that’s also my responsibility.

Bottom line: I’ve stumbled across yet another prospect. My heart is off – but my mind is intrigued. This particular process with this individual was unexpected, unusual and unlikely by any normal circumstances… but I’m intrigued.

I refuse to be led by desperation. Desire is a gift but I will not allow it to be too heavy anymore. I am dedicated to enjoying each moment. My body and my heart are both guarded. Obviously this too is apart of the process because no matter how hard I pray for the door to be closed, he’s still there. This guy is different. Not in the way other guys are different, because they’re all different until they’re the same – he’s different in the sense that he’s nothing I’ve ever had before. He’s new. No games. No guessing. He’s visible & consistent.

But is he mine? Or is he just another chapter in my future best selling novel ?

One can only wonder…

3 years ago in Dallas, Texas

I am Eryka


Silent thoughts

It’s weird how I have nothing to say or blog lately. I haven’t even written in my journal.

To God be the Glory!

Silence is golden.

I am Eryka


Des, Per, Rate

Desires per rate

Could it be that desperation is the accumulation of too many desires per the current rate of life’s speed?

Is Desperation the explanation for what’s transpiring between he & she?

Could one make a wise decision with such desperate feet?

Or is it all a nightmare waiting to unfold & that’s why she’s avoiding sleep…

I wish I knew.

I am Eryka


This week has been super productive. My mind has been rather blank, GLORY TO GOD!!! It feels good to be at peace without thoughts clouding my vision and interrupting every moment.

Being present is important. Do whatever it takes to quiet your mind and your soul.

For me, it’s singing, studying the Word of God and being around people who love me.

No more wasted time. No more wasted days. I’m living and loving on purpose. Catch the wave!

Happy Friday!!

I am Eryka

They will try you, if you let them

Happy Sunday my loves of the blogging world. I am elated. My weekend has been filled with purpose and worship, so all is well.

This post will probably be short. The message is simple, be intentional about the company you keep.

Some people honestly mean us no good. They pull on us constantly and hardly have anything to offer. These types of people randomly blow up when you no longer meet their needs. These types of people exaggerate small issues of their life to draw sympathy and attention from others. They probably try to spend your money before you even get it. Avoid these people.

Some times kindness can be interpreted incorrectly and a one time favor can almost become a life long habit if we don’t watch it.

People will try you. Your heart is good. Your work is phenomenal. Your energy is contagious. Of course they want more of you, but #ProtectYourPearls ! Protect your peace and your right to be alone and quiet.

They will gripe. They will say you’re acting funny. But guess what else, they’ll be a-ok.

Rest with Peace tonight. It’s your birthright.

I am Eryka

Dear Wife

Congratulations!!! *iphone confetti falls* You have answered a very important call. You have the honor and privilege in believing in your one husband all the days of your life.

In order to Love Him effectively, you must first Love God, and His creation which includes yourself.

Wife, with and without your husband, you have purpose. You are part of a vision. Seek God ALONE for that VISION. God will give you vision before provision. The husband is called to be a provider, but in choosing him, seek the vision God gave you because, who needs a leader that’s not headed where God told them to go?

In order to be a help meet to your husband, you are gifted with the ability to submityour gifts and special qualities to the vision God gives your family through Him.

This is important: Your husband is a man. Not only is he human, but he’s male. He’s you in spirit but he’s also totally, individually unique. He’s going to mess something up, some times. His character will evolve, hopefully, and your belief, much like the cheer squad on the sideline, is meant to be that extra push that sees Victory on his behalf.

Imagine how powerful your husband would become if he knew you believed he was absolutely unmatchable and unstoppable. You don’t have to highlight his flaws. Chances are, enough people before you have done a really great job at that already. He needs you to highlight his best traits. Be his best. The Bible calls a noble wife the crown of her husband. If you’ve ever seen a real life Crown, you’ve encountered the wearer’s essence, or power. Even in a museum behind a glass case, a sense of being and value is felt just by looking at the crown of a king.

Ma’am, your job is to be so crown that even on your husband’s worst day, you represent the highest most regal parts of who God is; this runs over and all of a sudden your man is looking and feeling like a king. Why? His essence is you and you are royal.

I am speaking to you, Wife, builder and maker of the home. Your gifts are for building your home. Only a foolish woman would tear down her own home. Your ability to cook, clean, decorate, and fill a space with your essence is a gift. Do not misuse it!!!

Ownership is important. Your marriage license is like a purchase agreement for your marriage. The word of God is your owners manual. Together, they’re quite powerful. See, you have access to your husband both physically and spiritually. You see what no one else sees. You are led to pray for things God shares with no one else. He’s yours. I need you to understand that. Once you’re married, the waiting game is over. Don’t wait for him to do one thing in order for you to do what you know you should. His body is your body. Care for it. Please him. Be intimate on every level – not only sexually.

Be the wife God designed even in the event that husband steps out of line. Don’t be an Eve, or a type of Eve. Everyone has weaknesses, but light comes to expose darkness. Be wise enough to leave the light on in dark places or avoid them altogether. Your marriage and every witness assigned to you is depending on the Light God is shining through you.

Be the type of mate you truly desire. Lift that man up, wife! Don’t ever let a bad word about your mate leave your lips. Especially avoid bad mouthing your spouse to other people! Once it’s said, it cannot be unsaid. Plus, your husband is you. You don’t want him talking bad about you, right?

I know you were sold a Fairy Tale of big houses flowing with servants and happy children, but reality is: You and Your husband may crawl alone for a long while before you walk or even have children. You may never get that huge mansion with the private chef or dishwasher. But you can become it.

Be so amazingly you that your essence is what creates the appeal of excellence. Becoming beautiful on the inside overflows into everything you touch. Beauty creates beauty. Cut beauty open, and beauty bleeds beauty. Under all types of pressure, beauty remains unchanged. Beauty is beauty. Be beautiful. Because you can. It’s your gift. Man absolutely cannot be beautiful and I’m glad. It’s not for him to be beautiful but you wife, are a sight to behold. Look at you!!!

Your timing is not God’s timing. Be intentional and remind yourself and your husband that God’s ways are higher.

Trusting God always pays off. Wife, now that you’re married, trusting God looks like trusting your husband. Again, your main role is to believe in your man! Why? Because you believe in God who made you. Because you believe in You! Because you and your husband are one! Again, belief begins in you! You can only give Him what you already have.

That said, declutter. Asap! Men are simple creatures. Simplify your life; your contact; your habits; your storage. Take everything you have, do inventory, evaluate and be willing to let some things go. You simply just don’t need it anymore.

This is big!!! Your emotions translate to drama to your guy, not because he doesn’t care, but because men weren’t made to speak emotions. That’s why God is there to listen in prayer and God gives us girlfriends to chat with. Knowing what to share, and what not to share is major. If he feels safe, He will ramble on and on and on and on, and there won’t be much mystery. But if he feels threatened or unsupported, he will shut down and become defensive which may look like: withdrawing with from you; cheating on you; leaving altogether; or mistreating you. Again woman, BELIEVE in God so much that believing in your husband is effortless. He needs your belief and support more than anything. Why?

Well, you were created for him. I know. Feminists and other labeled groups probably say I’m wrong and they can say what they please just as I can. Truth is, man + woman equals more life. More creation. More of God. Nothing else creates what Man + Woman can create. Woman was given to Man. He didn’t earn her. She was placed in the Garden that He had been assigned. Man’s priority, before woman, was the garden. When God inserted Woman, her purpose was to add, to build, to grow, not to distract, tear down and kill.

Attitude is everything. Your space literally thrives depending on your mood. I’ve never walked into a home that felt warm when the woman of the house was in a bad mood. It’s always awkward or thick. It just feels off. The garden was just a garden. Man was just the manager of a garden before God gave woman to man to add more to what already was. Inside Woman is the ability to add. Add a tude. I recommend a sweet and gentle one, but ultimately that’s in your hands, Wife.

To be Continued…

I am Eryka

Purpose Party!

I am so elated! One of my gifts is gathering groups. I love hosting events and throwing parties. I absolutely adore giving things themes and God knows it!

About a month ago, God put a date and idea on my heart. The date, September 23, 2017 (today) and the idea, a brunch! God says it’s time to polish His crowns. I gratefully started planning.

Fast forward .. it’s almost 1 pm. The brunch was awesome!

I sent the invitation to the ladies God laid on my heart.

I sat the table using the finest China we have, not because we’re fancy, but because God’s children deserve the best.

We nibbled on fruit, sipped coffee and juice & enjoyed a great meal!

Cinnamon Waffles & Bacon

Cajun Shrimp & Grits

The word was a reminder to us ladies to Arise & Let out Lights shine! God has gifted us women to do some wonderful things, but we must be bold and courageous or none of those things will get done!

I was blessed to share Brunch with my prayer partners Kelly (L) & Toni (R). During this season, God has sent me amazing warriors to dream with, believe with and pray with. It’s bigger than friendship. It’s bigger than being social. My life is ministry. Every meeting, every meal, every happening has purpose!

I am so full! Moments like this confirm that God made no mistake in saving me. I wasn’t meant to die. I must live, if only for brunch and worship meetings with God’s daughters.

God is good!

I am Eryka


Some days are just… blah. I’ve been fasting until 4pm each day, except Sunday, since Sept. 1st. The fast ends this week on the 21st. During the fasting part of my day, I eat only fruits & veggies. My Green Smoothie has become my favorite meal. Lol

My goal is to achieve a higher level of self control. So far, I’ve learned to speak up for myself with confidence and boldness. I’ve faced my fear of going around certain people by joining a small group at church. God has been teaching me to be silent. I’m managing my habits and trying to take less naps. Much growth, but to whom much is given, more is required.

My feelings concerning everything are constantly in a blender. I’m becoming disgusted with my own desires. I don’t even want what I wanted anymore. I feel refined, yet still invisible.

In happier news, yesterday for dinner, I made Bonefish Grill’s famous Bang Bang Shrimp. Yummy in my tummy.

I am Eryka.

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