Prayer to break soul ties

I found and began praying the following prayer recently. I believe it’s important that I become accountable to my soul to the point of actively binding and ending all unequally yoked relationships.

If you need to break free from some habits, places or people, join me in praying this prayer:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name. Thank You for buying me back from sin with the blood of Jesus. Jesus, thank You for dying on the cross for me–and thank You for being resurrected to life again so that I could live a victorious, powerful life in You. 

Dear Jesus, You paid the price with Your own blood for me to be free in every way. So, I receive Your gift of freedom. I choose to be completely free today.

Jesus, it is Your name and Your blood that make me free, and I thank You for that. You said that he/she whom the Son sets free shall be free indeed. So thank You that You’re doing the work as I agree with Your Word and obey You.

So Father God, in the name of Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus over every unholy soul tie that is attached to or from me to any other person. And in the name of Jesus, with His blood, I (CLAP=>)BREAK every unholy soul tie right now.

In the name of Jesus, let every part of me that has been attached to someone else return to me, washed clean with the blood of Jesus, right now. And let every part of anyone else that has been attached to me be broken off and return to them, right now, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus, thank You for setting me free. I plead Your blood over my body, spirit, soul, mind, will, and emotions. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit afresh and anew. Please help me not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind in Your Word. Help me to wash my mind in Your Word every day, Jesus, and help me receive Your truth in all things.

Thank You, Father God. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit. I love You, and I give

You all the praise. In Jesus’  name, amen.”

I am Eryka


Spoken Word

Spoken Word is word expressed aloud, obviously

but Spoken Word is breath to me it flows through the depths of me exclusively

All expenses paid, that’s how official the word is

From the Heavens to the Grave, yet in Glory is where He sits

My God, how beautiful you are. I just want to eat you up.

My Lord, how faithful you are. If I had your all, it still wouldn’t be too much.

When it comes to you, there’s no such thing as enough

No other thing came into being to express His Love.

So this is me giving you what you’ve so freely extended my way

Every word I speak is spoken just as you say

Death and Life get their power from spoken words

So the next time I speak, I pray Hope is heard


These photos are from my date with mom this past Friday. We attended a musical. I shared some poetry. She sang and smiled all night. That alone made my heart glow.

Not to mention, the entire state of my heart and mind was touched by Jesus himself. I went from dark, bleak, negative, hopelessness to joyful, grateful, obedient expectancy. We have a choice in This day. We can choose to embrace it with joy, peace and hope, or we can doom it from the start with negativity, doubt and fear. Idk about you, but I believe I have maxed out my quota for bad days. #NoMoreBadDays

I am Eryka

Be Good

It’s often said that successful or talented people are ‘good at what they do.’ So many hours go into perfecting crafts and learning skills to become just that: good. But… I’m different. I don’t care to be recognized for what I do because let’s face it, some times I do a lot and other times I do little. Doing doesn’t satisfy me.

For so long, about three years actually, I’ve been at war with myself. It seems I’ve been doing less than other people my age. It seems that I’m doing less than I have in younger years. Thinking of how much I’m not doing can outright drive me crazy and it has. Thinking of what someone else is or isn’t doing absolutely drives me crazy.

So I refuse to do anything else. I’m done with doing.

I aspire to be the person one looks at and says, “She’s good at who she is.” Or simply, “She’s good!” Anybody can do anything they please. Working at any trait long enough can make anyone good at it. God designed us that way, but not everyone takes the time and energy to become good. Looking back over these past three years, I humbly applaud myself.

I have criticized and blamed myself enough. I have stifled and crippled myself enough. I have been looking at myself through my eyes and what I have or haven’t been doing but I am so grateful that God sees me through His eyes, who He is & who I Am in Him. I am Good because God is Good. I am healed because God is whole. I have joy because the Lord is my strength. I have seen what it’s like to have everything. I have also lived with nothing. What I am most thankful for, is no matter what I have, or what I do, who I Am is always and will always be bigger and more significant, especially now that I abide in Christ.

So if anyone asks,

I am Good. I am Eryka.

Walking in place

Today, for the first time in a long time, I felt aligned with life. I felt present, for the most part & I enjoyed my day. I felt like I was in my place.

I had 0 plans for the day. God moved me to keep today open – I’m also recovering from two sprained ankles. (Update: Still experiencing soreness, but it’s not a Handicap.) That said, I woke up with nothing to do imagining a day of hopping from the bed to the couch, but I shifted my perspective and decided to give God the day. Here’s a rundown.

  • Mom sent me to the grocery store. There’s a new Rouse’s market near us, so I got to explore a new store.
  • I had been craving zucchini & squash and my “treat” for that awesome trip to the store was exactly that! Proof that God can still provide my specific needs/wants even when my pockets are dry! Glorrrry!!!
  • Mom and Dad decorated the exterior of our home in lights which is my favorite part of this time of year. Ever year since I was real small, they would go bonkers in the yard. (I’ll post pictures once Mom decides it’s finished.)
  • I got closure on a past relationship that has been haunting me! God is good. Truly.
  • I went to the park which is my humble abode. I absolutely adore parks especially Greenwood Park in Baker, La! There are ducks, a cafe, lots of playground toys, beautiful lake for fishing and boating … it’s a hidden gem and it’s my escape!
  • I studied for my Sunday school lesson. Got a cool revelation on extending the kingdom through signs and wonders that appear because of my faith. That’s another blog post.
  • I made a yummy dinner and enjoyed two sips of Merlot with it. I’m still taking pain medication so I didn’t drink as much wine as I wanted to. I had two sips and put it away. #SelfControl #SmallVictories #PerservingTheTemple

After being in bed and kind of alone all week, I really enjoyed getting out and doing things that I identify with. I am a Prairie woman. I love to shop and make things with what I buy. I like to feed people and help my community. I love the park. Small things make me happy, because small things make me go. God is the only Big thing that I can handle. I’ve tried to carry big responsibilities and big companies etc., it’s fine until it almost kills you & ain’t nobody got time for that!

I also completed my goal list! Whoop! Until I sat down to write, I was under the impression that I didn’t have goals. I have ideas, and I thought that’s where it ended. Turns out, most of my ideas are products of what would be considered Goals! I dream of opening a cafeteria that serves free meals to the homeless and hungry. The vision is so grand that it involves housing and even job placement. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the vision that I skipped a very tiny detail.

God gave me a business selling baked goods. The vision that I have could very well be a product of me setting and reaching goals concerning that business. The enemy would prefer I continue being fearful and overwhelmed by the vastness of the dream. He would prefer that I give up on the vision because it “seems so big” but nothing’s bigger than God and he’s on my side, and in my corner. Therefore by faith, I am stepping out into branding and building #EdibleJoy as a company.

So… long story short. I’m walking, by faith & in my place! It feels good. It’s up to me to carry the flame of this moment and let God turn It up. If I stop believing, He cannot perform.

I am Eryka

You know what I know

Knowledge is POWER.

Knowing is Growing. It’s key to always be aware of what you know. I try to always know:

– There are things I do not and will never know

– There are things I cannot and will not ever do

– There are things that I cannot and will not understand or be able to explain

And all of that is OKAY! I am finding peace in knowing:

– What my role is

– What my responsibility is

– What my responsibility is NOT

– Who is really in control (God)

– Who really knows it all (God)

Knowledge is a gift that God gives each of us. We all have many gifts, but I believe knowledge is extended to us all because the beginning of knowledge is God.

I think Peace is stolen by the urge to know more than one is capable of knowing. Humans are so inquisitive. We always want to know. We want suspense and surprise, but we also want specifics and details.

Let’s just all admit that we don’t know what we don’t know.

The Galaxy is far too wide for one mind to comprehend. Your family is too vast for your mind to be the problem solver of each and every problem. It’s time to drop some weight!

1. Teach people to miss you. Some people expect certain things of you because you so freely give it. Giving is never a bad idea, but use wisdom. Don’t allow people to make you their crutch. Enabling is harmful to everyone involved.

2. Stop trying to learn it all. You never will. If we tried to discover the depths of everything, where would we even start? We wouldn’t know! The quest for knowledge is great and all, but know your limits. Some things you just won’t figure out.

3. Get to know the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus, who is God! Get to know who God is, what He has done and how He moves. He’s the one that actually knows it all, so it benefits us to know Him!

I digress. I’m in pursuit of Peace and God has revealed to me that my pursuit of understanding and knowledge is hindering my Peace.


So as of today, my foot is still healing. I’m resting and staying off of it. I was hungry but didn’t have the strength to make food, so I prayed and asked God to send me something yummy from Heaven. I got a little sad and started thinking of my brother. Turns out, my dad, who was in the other room was thinking of him also. I know this because I heard him say, “if I had one wish it would be to spend one more day with my son.” I was already holding in my tears and I felt helpless because in that moment, I had nothing of comfort to say. God is so God though! In that same instance, Dad randomly comes to me and says he’s going pick up my lunch.

My dad didn’t hear me pray. I prayed silently. My dad also didn’t see me holding back tears while replaying the morning of my brother’s funeral in my mind. But God did. I will never understand why Eric was transitioned when he was. I won’t ever know as much as God knows about Eric. I don’t even know what my Dad knows. But I know the one who Knows all and He sees all and He hears all.

He heard me. He answered me. I believe He Heard my Daddy too and in a way I may never know, He answers Him also.

I am Eryka. 😆

Boutonnière, I’m here!

Okay so God is definitely good. For real, for real. In my mood swings, in my highs, in my downfalls – God is GOOD!!

I attend a baptist church. We celebrated our 62nd church anniversary in September. (*insert confetti!*) God has always had a vision for the ministry, or else why would it exist? But with longevity comes tradition, complacency and eventually… old age.

Old Age is much younger than it was in Abrahams’s day. Old age has symptoms these days, such as memory loss, bone weakness, wrinkles, etc. I believe that the same applies to not only my church, but every organization that’s ever been created. Day 1,034 is, at least it should be, different than Day 134 was. Growth is natural. God made all things to grow. The ‘church’ isn’t the pretty buildings with the awesome decor and pews; the church is every individual who believes and confesses Jesus as their savior. I may be wrong, but the church is suffering from old age.

My church home is transitioning at the moment. The older members and officers are learning to pour into and develop the younger members. I say ‘learning’ because honestly, most ministers do more preaching than they do teaching and as a whole, the body isn’t functioning properly. I don’t believe it’s a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of demonstration. I can tell someone all day long how to jump across a broom, but showing them makes it more real to both them and me.

In order to display something, we must become it, right? That means that if the church body dares to display all that it is designed to be, the world as a whole may finally experience that growth and prosperity that God intended for. God never intended Man to love himself more than His Lord. God never intended money to be the defining factor of someone’s existence. God doesn’t condone the world’s bad behavior, so why is it that the church is behaving like a Fatherless child?

We wear titles, but never become them. What’s the use of a label if it doesn’t identify something? That’s like receiving a hallmark envelope on your birthday with no card inside. It’s false advertisement. I see the same thing happening with believers. We say ‘Jesus is my Lord.’ But we, myself included, have such a hard time allowing Him to be our Lord.

As I examine how I have been growing to new levels in the spirit, I see the same growth happening within my church home. That’s how it should be. Your home should reflect you and you should reflect your home. I know far too many well spoken, well dressed, esteemed people with dirty homes and junky cars. That makes no sense to me!

If you are what you say you are, be it!

I digress. So anyway, we honored our officers at church today. That’s why I was making flowers yesterday. I am proud to be a member of New Galilee Baptist Church. Not because our building is nice and our members are neatly dressed, but because we show up as individuals hungry for God and He is growing us. Despite the traditions and even symptoms of Old Age, God is and has been good to us!

I ended up going have an x-ray of my foot – the pain was ridiculous, but it’s only sprained! I pushed through and baked last night for service today. I also attended church and sang in the choir as usual. It’s going to take a whole lot more than a broken heart, bruised ego, empty bank account, PTSD, and a sprained foot to keep me from serving God. Today, unlike yesterday I can not only make but also correctly spell boutonnière. *takes bow*

I’m dedicated to growing. Period.

I am Eryka


So today has been an even day. No emotional highs or lows. I’m content and grateful.

Mom and I decorated for Christmas!

…. then I sprung my foot – not the ankle, the foot. Who does that?? Me. That’s who. I’m not mad. It hurts but it’s wrapped. Daddy rubbed it with some Biofreeze which was a really cool moment because it’s not often I get cute moments with Daddy. Mommy is making homemade soup and I’m working on making corsages and boot-I-neers (idk how to spell it and autocorrect won’t recognize it. Lol) for service tomorrow.

Oh! And God sent a cool revelation. Think about spring boards, trampolines… even bed springs. The entire purpose of them, in most cases, is to cause upward motion. Jump on a trampoline and you go higher! Stand on a spring board and it lifts you. Springs come to lift. Maybe that’s why Spring is my favorite season. Things come to life during that time of the year.

Well glory be! God has sent me a beautiful Spring right in the midst of Autumn… who knew an injury could be a blessing.

It’s a good day overall.

I am Eryka.


They say…

“I didn’t know you went through that.”

“I had no idea!”

“You’d never know.”

But I know. I try, but I can’t forget… so here it is:

I am a broken soul desperate for fullness in Christ. The world has hurt me enough. I’ve acquired scars and lessons. I’ve bumped my head. I’ve been wrong. I’ve been up, down and twisted sideways. None of it lasted. None of it healed me. None of it made me forget.


I live in now, but I remember then. “Let it go.” They say; but no one has been able to demonstrate nor explain how to “let go.”

To let is to allow…

To go is to move…

How do I allow something to move when it seems to be following me?!

That’s the million dollar question with no answer.

Let go. Okay cool; what’s the first step?

Prayer? Because I’ve been praying a long time. I’ve seen God do a lot of things, yet I still remember and it still Hurts.

Becoming involved within other things? Yeah that works for awhile until everything begins to remind me of then or when.

Trauma is a silent echo that never goes away. It’s the oxiest-oxymoron to ever exist.

“I am going to Think, exist and live as though I haven’t been completely wrecked.” Said no one, ever. Maybe I’m more pessimistic than I ought to be, but damnit… I’m hurting !!!! Hello?!?!?!

God, help me. This blog is for you – not any human. If you don’t heal me, I won’t make it.


I am Eryka.

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