The POWER of Time vs. Work

I’m torn between having a whole lot to say and not wanting to type a long post. Thank God in advance for the new computer that’s coming my way to enhance my blogging experience. Typing on a small screen is nothing compared to sleeping on cold pavement, living week after week in hunger or enduring physical and emotional torture, so however long this post has to be, it will be.

You are a type of Jesus. What I mean is, the same Father who poured His spirit into Mary to conceive the Son of God, Jesus, is the same Father who breathes His spirit into you and I daily. You and I are literally genetically, & spiritually related to Jesus. Now that we have established that, it’s important to know what that entails.

You (& I) have enemies!!! We have enemies that we have never and may never see face to face. We have enemies that don’t speak to us verbally, but still leave an impression on us. We have enemies in high spiritual places that will spare no cost to defeat us. These enemies hide in very pretty boxes. They hide in the kingdoms and opportunities of the world. These enemies manipulate us by teasing us. They offer everything but the right thing. Sometimes, these enemies live in very close quarters.

The point is: Be on Watch. Know what’s happening around you. Know who’s entering your space. Filter your company. Watch your words – don’t over share with everyone you meet. Be quick to speak about God and slow to speak about other humans. Don’t fall for the appeal or presentation of a thing. King Absolom is described as looking “glittery.” Glitter sparkles and shines, but in his heart of hearts, he was sinful. God doesn’t pay attention to the glitter. He sees through to the guts! He see, SEES us! Always. That said, beware of the decoys that look like glitter but are actually empty guts.

In the same way, don’t discount a thing because it doesn’t shine. The Son of God appeared homeless and poor as He wandered from here to there preaching His message. People Judged His outside and his background and discounted him but followers of Christ know the truth – there’s only one way to the only Living God and that’s through belief in His Son, Jesus.

If they don’t have Jesus, what use are they really?

So share the Jesus in you with the world continually. Pour out until you’re empty, then lay at God’s feet to be refilled & go back to the field. Rest is seasonal.


I am Eryka


Out of Waiting

Waiting… I feel like I’ve been waiting to wait for the longest time. Waiting to grow. Waiting to earn. Waiting to go. Waiting to get. Waiting to know. Waiting to wait. The longer I am in waiting, the more things I have to wait for.

I’m starting to think it’s time to come out of waiting.

The whole concept of a Lady in Waiting is bogus. Waiting is bogus. Some times it’s beneficial and makes us better. Some times waiting prepares us, but other times… waiting simply steals the thrill away.

Like, I was excited at first, but hours, days, years later…. eh… either it’s coming or its not.

I am Eryka

If You’re happy & you know it…

Just like that! *snaps fingers* I chose to be happy, again. God is the One who restores. My joy is never gone although it hides beneath other emotions at time. Today, I chose to pull it out and put it on top.

Here are some sad truths I learned:

  1. Joy irritates some people. It’s nice to think that as you step into your identity and the fullness of Joy that those who Love you would celebrate with you, but the truth is: they won’t. People who have become used to the old you won’t take too kindly to the new, joyful you. They’ll live. #KeepSmiling
  2. Jealousy knows no age limit and it has no face. Just because someone is thinner or richer than you are, don’t think they don’t secretly envy you. When you step into destiny, jealousy begins to show up in unexpected places. Adjust your crown, show grace & keep it moving.
  3. The right to be happy & have joy is always available. You don’t need permission. Someone else’s bad news doesn’t overrule your good news. It is quite alright to show sympathy or lend a shoulder to a friend in need, but don’t lose your joy in doing so.

There’s only one me. There’s only one you. I’m glad about that. I’m also glad that my happiness doesn’t cancel someone else’s. I’m learning not to cast my pearls amongst the swine. What’s more surprising is learning who the swine actually are. All is well. To God be the Glory!

I am Eryka

Is it or Isn’t?

The Greatest revelation I’ve had today is this: Either they will, or they won’t. My mom reminds me that you cannot get blood out of a turnip. It’s simply not a thing with organs and blood.

The same applies to people; either they are, or they aren’t. Realizing and accepting the difference makes for a joyful life. Some times things just aren’t. And that’s okay too.

I am Eryka

You take age away from Me

“You take age away from me”

Written: June 16, 2005

Revised: June 02, 2014

You take age away from me

You put the year I was born to sleep

You have awakened a new place in me

A heaven made for just you to see

You feed me fruit from a tree unseen

You carved in each tree “Butterfly, you’re my queen.”

My heart delights in the warmth of your light

You’re more precious than anything that’s ever crossed my sight

You take age away from me

You put the year I was born to sleep

Force all things timed away from me

Give me a new reason to breathe

There’s freedom in the way your voice sounds

I feel complete in your arms; that’s where bliss is found

You’d never have to question my thoughts on submission

It is my pleasure; to serve my King is my mission

You’ve taken my age

And put it in its place

Our love is far beyond formalities

They can’t restrain us with their legalities

The bond we’ve developed happened somehow like a mystery

Our souls are identical, at times I feel like you’re the Mister Me

Do you mind if we run away with all of Earth’s time?

Travel to places where we’d be hard to find

You take age away from me.

And you gave me a new reason to breathe.

Awakened a new place in me.

Open my mind’s spaces up to see

I am who I am

What I am

And because I am,

We are too

You’ve taken age away from me, and what’s left?


I am Eryka


Falling in Love is a process. First, one must find and get to know themselves through and through. This includes unlearning years of information that we only believed because we were told. This means unbecoming everything that absolutely is not you. That step is extensive. It’s also the most profitable.

Self-Love is the most tried form of love. Many people struggle with identity crisis because they don’t love themselves.

To love yourself, you must know yourself.

Secondly, one must become open to love. It’s one thing to learn to give love, but what happens when it’s time to receive? Love is selfless, so it’s easy to get wrapped up in giving but I can tell you from experience that giving upon giving can be exhausting! Love is meant to be given and received. Opening up to receive Love requires vulnerability. This is where the blog post was inspired. I often say that there’s #VictoryInVulnerability but the harsh truth is that vulnerability is extremely difficult to achieve. There are as many levels to vulnerability as there are to Love.

Being vulnerable means telling the truth about everything. It’s opening up what you’ve learned to love to someone else with the confidence and hope that they won’t harm you also. Vulnerability is the seed of every major accomplishment in life. Victory comes to those bold enough to strip down emotionally, mentally & physically to become vulnerable.

Note that I said “become vulnerable.”

Pride is the enemy of Vulnerability.

Love is not puffed up. Loving self breaks the walls of pride and allows us to be open to receiving as well as giving Love.

Whats this got to do with SPACE?

Well, the third level of Love I want to focus on today is Patience. Patience is what exists in the space between learning love & living love. Patience connects lover to lover; athlete to big sports contest; patience heals broken hearts. Patience is the space between Love & Whats bring loved.

In relationships, two people who are prayerfully whole come together on one accord, with one Jesus to fulfill two Destinies. Each individual soul has its own job on Earth. Marriage joins the body, but the purpose still belongs to the individual. This is why one side provides and one side helps. Marriage, God’s way, is designed as a very well-oiled machine and it’s suppose to be productive.

That said, every factory closes sometimes. Every employee gets days off. Some times there just needs to be some space between the work and the worker. The same applies to relationships. In order for the man to remain whole and ready for his task as head of woman, he must have that time away from woman to hone those things that make him man. The same for woman – every helpmeet needs time to restore and regroup. Too much of anything can create uproar and marriage is designed to be peaceful.

So S P A C E… give someone you love the space they need to grow, to become & to be restored. God can’t work on them if they’re always in your face just as He can’t work on you if your calendar is crowded with your spouse.

Space is not a bad thing. It’s a gift. Girls will be girls and boys will be boys. That’s what makes them great when they come together.

I am Eryka

Whistle while you Work

I can only imagine who created that famous slogan or why they came up with it… Is it because work is tedious at times and whistling distracts the mind? Is it because Joy is so hard to contain that the breath meets the lips for a musical duet and humans label it whistling? What’s the purpose for “Whistling” while “working”? If I’m working, how can I also whistle? Why should I?

And then God reminds me that Love casts out fear and Faith without Works is dead, so this tells me that opposition is meant to propel something forward.

Whistling can be a distraction if the scenario calls for it, but it can also be a way of expressing how amazing a moment is. Men whistle at attractive women. Pet owners train their pets to respond to their whistle. Ball players recognize whistles as a sign to stop. Crossing guards use whistles to help kids make it to and from school safely.

Multitasking is a gift, therefore whistle, while you work. This applies to the moment I’m in also. I feel like I’m waiting. Waiting is kind of like work. Waiting has a set amount of time assigned to it and there’s a promised profit at the end of it. I’ve learned how to whistle while I wait. I’ve learned to find safe distractions to keep my heart from being anxious. I’ve learned to express my joy and even my frustration in ways that are beautiful instead of broken. I’m learning to work while I wait.

God is faithful. He refines us. He restores us. He re-teaches us as often as needed. He’s patient and loyal to us. He’s intentional and he does everything in season and for a reason.

Waiting is not a curse. It’s not a punishment. Waiting is the place where we learn to work & whistle. It’s where we perfect our attitudes and our perspectives. It’s where we learn to adjust. It’s where we become agents of change. Waiting is where we’re built.

Lord, I’m waiting.

I am Eryka

Stormy Brain… Brainstorms

PSA: The storms of the mind are very real, but so is PEACE & we have the authority to demand Peace to overcome the storm of the mind.

Peace be still, right?! Everyone has heard that phrasequoted several times whether it was the actual scriptureor the way Tyler Perry uses it in His comedies. Nonetheless, on some level, we are all probably familiar with the words, but how many actually understand that Peace mustbe still in order to be perfect. Also, Peace can be commanded to be still. Jesus did it himself during a storm while on a boat.

So what boat are you on? What’syour stormlike? For me, the boat is Identity &the storm is Singleness.I know that the storm will pass and Victory is already mine, but the rain still falls.The demon of doubtstillshows its horns.Lately Ifeel God encouraging me to enjoy this moment I’m in. I don’t fullyunderstand it but God tells me to have Peace anyway.

Who wants half a heart? Who wants anything if Peace doesn’t follow? No one should. While courting, have Peace. While engaged, have Peace. Before He ever steps into your life, have Peace. Command Peace to exist within you because honestly, Peace is the greatest gift anyone can bring to another person’s life.

So… PEACE BE STILL! I will live. I will Love. I will laugh. I will have Peace.Peace is still within me.

I am Eryka

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